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Right now I am at 550 encounters on my Pokemon White. I've decided to do 150 encounters per route, by the time I have gone into every cave, route, and other places with Pokemon I would have seen 6600 Pokemon. Then, if I don't get a shiny, I will move to my Leaf Green version and go through there.

I am currently in the Dreamyard double encounter grass. While I was on Route 2, I discovered that Wynaut were swarming which made it last a lot longer because I couldn't run. I had to kill them. But I did catch me a nice Level 50 Wynaut. I was hoping I'd catch one of those shiny, I love them, Wynaut is one of my favorite Pokemon.

I have 50 encounters in the Dreamyard. 150 on both Route 2 and 1. I also included the 200 I already did in White Forest. Out of all the Pokemon I will probably see, there are 3 that I want the most. Those are:

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