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    Lame thread title, I know
    Anyways, I was in /vp/ the other night, & well, I came across a Trivia thread (Was funny as well).
    Basically, what you do is you use this generator to generate 6 random Pokemon (Your gonna have to set the # to six, instead of one), & post the results here, using this lineup.
    1. The Pokemon you're going to be tomorrow
    2. Your Pokemon Parents
    3. Your Girl/Boy Friend
    4. Your Rival
    5. Your Best Friend
    6. Your Pet
    You can also comment about it & screenshot is considered.
    PC Rules (Obviously )
    Pokemon Trivia Rules
    No cheating by putting your favorite in the lineup
    If screenshot'd, post the ss in Spoiler & Comments outside of it.
    & For some examples now.

    1. I can live with this
    2. What?
    3. Jealous much?
    4. ...
    5. Now, why couldn't you be #4?
    6. I haz a petz Rat.

    1. Why the monkey?
    2. How's this...
    3. I better have a good reason why I choose you.
    4. Damn
    5. Oh Yeah
    6. Why couldn't you be #3? Ah well, at least I have you
    & no, you may not email me

    How to Screenshot & Upload (For Windows because this apparently has to be mentioned)

    1. Windows: Press Crtl+Print Screen (<--This should be at top right)
    Mac: Command + Shift + 3
    2. Open up Adobe, GIMP, or Paint, etc...
    3. Save as .jpg (or .png)
    4. Upload the file to tinypic or whatever
    5. Select "Website/Email (320x420)" in "Resize" (optional)
    6. Copy the url in "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards"

    Have fun!

    I will edit my sig some other time, since I'm lazy to do it right now.