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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
Rocket Hideout. Spinning torture gave me headaches. And you spin SO SLOWLY.
That's for damn sure...

Back in the day I had no internet, I busted my ass finding the solution for that building, later found out you can walk the stairs to fourth floor, get a teleport, get it back, cross the hall, kill a guy, get a teleport, you're at boss. Oh and the first time I got it right, Gary mopped the floor with me with his OP Pokémon for the time.

Originally Posted by WooperIsMyFave92 View Post
A wild Caterpie appeared!
Go Pidgey!
Pidgey used gust!
*Thud* ( Caterpie hangs on with half it's Hp left)
Caterpie uses string shot!
What!?!? It wasn't super effective!?!? -__-

were the type matchups different back then or something? lol.
Gust in R/B/Y was a normal attack, Peck etc. were still Super Effective.