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    Welcome to Pokémon Amaranth official thread!
    Pokémon Amaranth
    Game information

    UPDATE: I'm more active on my deviantART, for constant updates check out my page at:

    Story and Introduction

    Normally at your age the ideal time would be near to start a journey to discover yourself with Pokemon. With an overprotective parent, coupled with the fact that you have never stepped one foot out of Blissleaf Town, the unknown may always remain unknown.

    Arguing with your mother has gotten you no where... frustrated and angered, you pout yourself loudly into bed. As you were slumbering into a deeper and deeper sleep, a calm humming sound started emanating near you. Alarmed you quickly adjusting yourself to get alert. Getting steadily out of bed you slowly rise up as the humming get's louder.. louder... and louder. The hair on the back of your head is kissed by a cool breeze, as you see a sheet of white light encasing your window.


    Before having any time to react, the sheet of light suddenly became volatile, as it torn through the carpet, you try to resist, but the force of the light couldn't be outmatched, forcefully grabbing onto your leg. You frantically try to grab hold of the ripped carpet beneath you, but any effort resulted in a negligible outcome. Your heart is racing, your mind is blank, filled with confusion towards the events that are transpiring. The distance between you and the light is becoming dramatically.. closer.... and closer. You peer through the light and you see a pair of eye's focused right at you... they're not human. Halfway through the sheet of light, you try to struggle and scream you way out but darkness starts spreading through your eyes, as you drop the the ground and faint.

    You wake up to find yourself in an unfamiliar area, daunting and full of horror. Here, you begin your journey...

    Pokemon Amaranth is a project that has undergone development since the beginning of last month (June 2011). The main focus of this project is to provide thrilling story-telling experience, while not deviating from the standard format that has made Pokemon games successful. Another emphasis in Pokemon Amaranth will be the aesthetics; each map, image, every single bit that is worked on will help make the game visually pleasing. Mapping is being practiced as a conscious effort to effectively capture the environment that Pokemon Amaranth will pride itself on. Our job is a continual practice of revising and mastering maps to capture tension, culture, drama, and emotion that we feel envisions the tone and mood of a dark story.

    Pokemon Amaranth will consist of two regions, the Shinkou Region and the "Lost" Region. The premise of Pokemon Amaranth revolves around the idea of alternate dimensions. You are a young kid who lives their life in an isolated and irritating life in Blissleaf Town, located at the far north edge of Shinkou. You know nothing of the world outside Blissleaf. Through a strange and unexplained phenomenon you are taken to an alternate dimension. The area you land is completely horrific, covered in a mull purple mist, barren, rotten, and in ruins. As you wander around you unfortunately encounter members of organization called "Black Dawn". They answer your questions, briefly, before they decide to imprison you. Apparently this world you were taken to has been destroyed by Black Dawn, who have been able to genetically engineer a gas that has been used to biologically corrupt and kill Pokemon. When you were brought here years have passed since the Black Dawn took charge. Most of the remaining Pokemon have built an immunity to the gas..... the rest, extinct. The world is already in a state too late to save, as the ripple effects of the gas have caused society to collapse. Before you are taken away by Black Dawn you are saved at the last minute, as three lights came whirling towards your feet, when the dust cleared Pokeballs were laying on the ground. In the distance, you see those same eyes, ponderously staring in your direction before they disappear in the trees. You managed to fend off Black Dawn for now with the help from the Pokemon you called upon. As you progress through the game you will learn to discover that you were brought to this dimension because Black Dawn is planning to extend their power to other dimensions, including yours, and you need to stop them at all costs.

    ~The Shinkou Region~

    The "Lost" Region


    Hero M/F

    Age: 14
    The hero/heroine. Not privy to the outside world at all, lives a secluded life in Blissleaf Town.

    Other characters TBD.


    Travel simultaneously between 2 brand new regions, players will be forced to switch back and forth between both regions as they progress through the story.

    Choose between a fire, grass, and water starter Pokemon (to be decided.

    Slick and professional graphics will provide the user with enhanced an enhanced experience.

    Immerse story allows for thrill and suspense.

    More Features will be added as development further progresses.

    The Starters

    Rock, Ground, Flying. To be decided.



    Support us!

    The Team

    Project Leader - ZeroArmada
    Digital Artist - ZeroArmada
    Mapper - ZeroArmada
    Story - ZeroArmada
    Spriter - WesleyFG Recruiting spriters, PM for details. (OWs, tiles, fakemon, battlesprites)

    Credits/Thank Yous


    In an effort to create an accurate and unified list of credits, I have listed all credits in one location. To see the credits, check out the link below to my DA profile: