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    Just a note, the screenshotting thing you have is for Windows only :3 On Mac it's "Command + Shift + 3" to save the screenshot as a PNG (PNGs > JPEGs, also) and "Command + Control + Shift + 3" to copy it. And we can still use spoilers, so what's the point of resizing it? :B Finally, it doesn't seem like people are big on the screenshotting idea anyhoo (you can trust us D:) but yeah.

    1. The Pokemon you're going to be tomorrow: Raikou. Not exactly my fave of the legendary beasts, but it's legendary!
    2. Your Pokemon Parents: Nidoran...M. YAOI FTW.
    3. Your Girl/Boy Friend: Seel. If it evolves I'm cool with it.
    4. Your Rival: Sawk. This is actually a fitting rival.
    5. Your Best Friend: Karrablast. ...Not really my Poke.
    6. Your Pet: Kricketune. Does that make me Asian?