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Game Info

Hack of:
Creator: Team Fail
Remake of Pokémon Sapphire version (GBA)


One morning, you go to meet a girl next door and you learn that her father is the local professor. While exploring the town, you hear some shouts and yells from down the road. You go to see that the Professor is being attacked by a Wild Pokémon! A leads to B, and that Professor you saved ends up giving you that Pokémon! With your mom having your back, you set off on your own Pokémon adventure!

On your journey, you will meet friends new and old, and you will end up discovering things that not many people know of... The history of the Hoenn region. In it's flesh and blood.

Pokémon Aqua Sapphire is a remake of the Hoenn region using the fabulous Nintendo DS engine! Re-live all your favourite moments in the Hoenn region in 3D!


Yes. Desmume's lag allowed me to TAS that menu. It is also slightly outdated.

This is almost complete, minus music. That needs to be sequenced, looped and inserted.

This is a test for a new script. I'm leaving it for speculation.

For all of you that thought it was Lyra, you're sooooo wrong. :P

Swapping internal files is easy! This video shows the outcome of doing so!


None yet!


(Beta V1): Not yet. Unknown release date as of yet. Possibly August.

Beta V1 will contain a playable demo of Littleroot Town. It is currently unknown what content this beta will and will not have, because the certainty of some of the content is up in the air.

To Do's

Well, there is a small list. So, let's get started.
  • Music: I am getting remixes together, but I need looping to be done (If you want to, you can apply!). Other than that, music is pretty much covered, besides one song. Once I get to music, I want to hold a contest for that.
  • Sprites: I have someone getting these done. Look in the credits for who.
  • Graphics: Same as above
  • Scripts: I have that covered mostly.
  • Trainers: This is where you come in. Once I can have more access to edited maps, I want to have a small contest. I won't start it yet, but once it is done, I want to have all of you in the Battle Tower.

    What is remaining?
  • Implementing Rival's house, lab, and some more home scripts.
  • Music
  • Graphics
  • Silly typos and fixing textboxes



Use Banners

-Courtesy of Pink Typhlosion

-Courtesy of Pink Typhlosion

-Courtesy of Tan and Teal


Team Fail- Mapping, scripting, sequences and (some) graphics
Innovator- Graphics
giradialkia- Support


Link_971 for his astounding map editor, and for helping me with what it couldn't do.
Innovator for graphics and sprites.
SCV for the most amazing PPRE.
Cilerba for the CSS
Rin Okumura for posting this on PHO's front-page news!
Nintendo for the wonderful base and graphics.
kimba616 for the public Kris sprites
Pink Typhlosion for userbars
Me for making this.
PEDRO12 for the banner

Let me know if I am missing someone.


A: Please don't rush me. DS Hacking is much harder than it looks, especially when it comes to music and maps.

Q: How will you implement Dive?
A: I am stuck between 2 options: Marine Cave, or ASM/Tile permissions. I will decide when the time arises.

Q: What do you mean by "Friends new and old?"
A: We'll see about that... I can tell you this much: It's going to tie up a loose end in the series.

Closing Notes

I am wanting to make this hack and I have been planning it since last year, so I think it's about time I presented it to the community. IT IS NOT MEANT TO BE LINEAR to the original games. I hope to have this released soon. Keep a sharp eye out here!