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    Originally Posted by Lennyg1 View Post
    Hey man first time post....
    so far seems like a legit effort!
    but I have a bit of a problem, I cant seem to get past mozilla city.
    I've defeated the gym and have delivered uncle leo's package yet the security guard to Sapphire meadow will not let me pass!
    just wondering what my next course of action should be?

    And also I have found a bug.
    When exiting the first town the first person on the trail you see when spoken to will reply with "qua" (or similar cant quite remember) in a recurring fashion preventing you from continuing the game.
    thanks in advance for your assistance.
    Have you battled your rival in the Pokemon Center? From there the game pretty much explains itself.

    The glitch has been noted and fixed for future releases. Hope you enjoy the game.
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