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    Congrats on the shiny Lillipup, Nato4eyes!

    I haven't started doing REs for the contest yet, but I did get the wild Pokémon number on my Trainer Card up to the next hundred so I can easily keep track of how many I've encountered so that I know when it's time to move on to the next route. Currently it's at 4,100, and I plan on doing 100 REs on each route. I want to get my Litwick egg count up to 1,700 before I get started. Right now it's at 1,650. I've also hatched 112 Axews. On top of that, I decided to hatch some eggs of the Pokémon that have the lowest step counts for hatching eggs. I hatched 20 Magikarps, 10 Pichus, 5 Cleffas, and 5 Igglybuffs. I still needed to hatch the babies for my Pokédex. I probably won't hatch anymore of those four. One of the Magikarps I hatched happens to have perfect IVs in both attack and speed, and has a Jolly nature. The parent Gyarados has a perfect IV in speed. I've been hatching Bronzors using a different Ditto to get one with a Relaxed nature to hatch with my Japanese Ditto, but I've been getting almost every nature except that one. Another problem is that half of the Bronzors that I'm hatching have a perfect IV in speed, which is a huge problem with a Pokémon that needs a speed IV as close to zero as you can get. I didn't check the IVs on the parent Bronzong, but it must have a perfect IV in speed. I've never had such a high percentage of hatchlings inherit a perfect IV from a parent that has a perfect IV before. When I used other parents that have a perfect IV about 20% of the hatchlings inherited the perfect IV, maybe fewer, but with Bronzong it's been about 50%.
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