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Originally Posted by TheFuturePokemon View Post
Is there a certain number of times that you can enter the dream world areas (pleasant forest and such) before the pokemon stop appearing?
If it's anything to go by, imo, it's the amount of Pokemon you encounter rather than the amount of times you've entered a location. For example, if you visit the forest once, you can at most encounter about 8 Pokemon. Then, go to the sky, you'll get about 6 or so, then sea, you'll get idk, 8 (just guesses), but as long as you've won all their mini-games without running from them, then generally Pokemon will keep appearing. However, if you avoid a few and therefore only play a few mini-games, then your chances of more Pokemon appearing next time are lowered from what I've noticed.

So if you enter the forest, decide you want nothing there and exit straight away, then you've potentially lost up to 8 Pokemon, which kinda cuts out 8 from about the 30 or so you can encounter (I believe it goes higher than 30, but I've only found around 27). Then if you enter the sky, and decide you only wanna enter the sea, then that kinda cuts out from your total too. So as a result you'll only be able to enter 2 more areas, assuming you'll have the chances of getting about 8 from those areas each time. other words, when you're at about 30 Pokemon, they'll stop appearing and your time will be up as long as you befriend everything you see. :3

And same goes for items too which I noticed, when you don't find Pokemon, items are generally there as fillers and are usually found often when you know you're at the end of your encountering :x

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