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Some updates:

Fireworks pitched the idea of a portrait system and after some consideration, I decided to give it a go. It took a long time to crop, index, resize, and then insert 130 different images into the ROM (along with 130 corresponding palettes and a bit of ASM tinkering) but thanks to some nifty Python and C++ scripts, I was able to do it fairly quickly (and I learned a lot about the .bmp file format, too :D). The portrait can be moved anywhere on the screen (though the screenshots only show it in its default position) and it supports thirteen different emotions for the starters (13 emotions * 10 starters = 130). I'm still working on getting a nice-looking border implemented and adding support for NPC portraits but for the time being, I need to focus on other things.

That's where y'all come in. Unfortunately, I'm going out of town again and for longer this time. However, I have a number of tasks that need to get done and although I won't be able to maintain an active hacking schedule over the next two weeks, that doesn't mean you guys can't. :)

With that said, I would like to get everybody active with at least something before I leave. So far, I've been very lax about assignments but I think it's time to kick things up a notch. If you are reading this and haven't been explicitly given a task, please contact me (preferably on PC) so I can give you something to work on while I'm gone. And if you don't, I'll be hunting you down soon anyways.

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