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    Originally Posted by axman11224 View Post
    So as I'm Nuzlocking this, I just have to say how this is so far turning out to be the most interesting hack I've played (I've only gotten to Dewford). But even the evolved Pokemon at lower levels are awesome haha

    I'm definitely looking forward to getting further in.
    The game gets more stupid the more you play; it's a sort of comedic degeneration into insanity. I've only watched the first episode of your Nuzlocke run, but you just reminded me to go back and watch the rest.

    Thanks, and I hope you keep enjoying it.

    Originally Posted by Varelse View Post
    Any hints on the location of that certain Super-Evil poke?And, by all the Gym Leaders of Gym island, I assum your discluding that Afro guy and Lord Umbone?
    I just realised that having written that, the Super-Evil Pokémon isn't available until the next update, which will be posted (hopefully) in a few day's time. But rest assured, he is very evil.

    Also, yes, this does exclude Asimov and Lord Unbone. For good reason.

    Originally Posted by Avian_321 View Post
    I feel stupid for asking, buuut, how can I get to Sootopolis? Better question is.. how do I get anywhere else new? All the water ways are blocked off?
    To get to Sootopolis, go to the Abandoned Mine, which is where Sky Pillar used to be. To get to the Abandoned Mine, first go to Solar Caverns and find Sundance Rock in there.

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