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    I'm a Togekiss.


    Well, there are worse things to be. Even if I do look like a failed flying machine crossed with a cuddly toy.

    My parents are a pair of Flygon.

    Wow. I bet I'm such a disappointment.

    "Dear, our egg's about to hatch! We'll have a beautiful baby drago- oh sweet Lord, what did we do to deserve this?"

    My girlfriend/boyfriend is a Drifblim.

    I expect neither of us can find anyone else who's willing to overlook the fact that we're ridiculously ugly; birds of a feather flock together. Also balloons.

    My rival is a Rhydon.

    I should probably surrender now. Maybe if I do that, he'll decide not to shred me to pieces with Stone Edge. Unless I can get my friend to help me. Yeah! My best friend will help me take down this Rhydon!

    My best friend is a Patrat.


    I think I'm going to order my tombstone now and write a will.

    My pet is a Roselia.

    I suppose I could throw her at the Rhydon and get rid of her while buying myself some time to escape. Might work.

    In short, my life as a Pokémon seems destined to be brief and rather unsatisfactory.

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