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    Hello everyone I'm Chaos and you are probably asking what is Mariomon? Well good question Mariomon is a rom hack of fire red that I found on youtube a while back that to quote the creator "MarioMon is a pokemon Fire Red hack that completely replaces the original 150 pokemon and replaces them with Mario enemies and characters. Every pokemon has been completely changed including sprites, moves, evolutions, pokedex, spawning locations, etc." If you want it to play along with me here is the link to the youtube video which has the IPS download link in the description Also this is my first Screenshot LP(Video LP's are what I usually do) so I would like some feedback.


    Wait that's not right

    Forgot to get the screen of me picking new game.

    Ok I think I know how to walk and talk by now.

    I have buttons?

    Gah! He came outa now where like a ninja!

    Ok Mr. Oak ninja

    Im sorry Mr. Professor Oak ninja

    Missed the one that said "This world...

    Really because I have the strangest urge to jump on it.

    So we get to make them kill each other...AWESOME!

    Go on

    Cool Story Bro.

    I like Waffles

    Wait let me check... yep I'm a guy.

    Well that's easy it's... Um... Give me a second...Oh yeah I remember

    Five bucks to anyone who know where the name came from.

    How much hair gell does he use?

    Really now

    You forgot again. Ok it is...

    Za Warudo!(The World)((Get the reference now))

    Yep he is senile.


    Like a Present?!

    Wow my room sucks

    Hell yeah I have an invisible out of date game system

    Im sorry but why are there two beds in here

    Mom what have I told you about using the TV to raise me.

    You mean the ninja

    Sick Pad Bro

    But it is rather empty.

    Well let's blow this popsicle stand

    I told you he is a ninja

    Here comes Mr. Professor Oak McNinja

    I'm a pretty good jumper I will be fine

    Well I never say no to free stuff

    I' not getting in your van

    So Conga line?

    I'll take that as a no

    Calm down you hasty bastard

    One more time he is senile.

    I'm just gonna stay the silent protagonist

    Yay free stuff

    I know how to count... I think


    Trying hard not to make an Inception joke here.

    Like Seriously

    How did you lose them?

    I have problems with choices... and doors... and numbers... and toasters... and well you get the idea.

    You're not important.

    But I don't want to share

    So who should we pick?

    The grass with a mouth

    The jumping fish

    Or the walking flame?

    So who should I pick and what should I name it?