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    @ツールです I can live with that. Ivysaur is a dinosaur with a plant on his head. Otherwise he shouldn't/wouldn't have 'saur' in his name.

    Anyway, Update 3:
    Beat Nugget Bridge.
    Beat Misty.
    Beat Blue in SS Anne.
    Caught a Meowth who has Pickup, so if I find Rare Candies or Revives, Rattata has dumb luck.
    Beat Lt. Surge.
    Got through Rock Tunnel without Flash and barely any life left since I ran out of potions before I got to the end. Luckily everyone survived. Rattata has dumb luck. She's supposed to be dead, but Meowth picked up a Rare Candy, so I used it. Won't evolve her until she has Super Fang and Pursuit. Soon as I got to Lavender, I bought some Revives and restocked on Super potions.

    Location: Lavender Town
    Team and Lives:
    Ivysaur (lvl 28) 3x
    Butterfree (lvl 22) 3x
    Rattata (lvl 24) 1x (only by dumb luck)
    Meowth (lvl 22) 2x (Might be 1 but I can't recall since I didn't immediately update during my last play-through).
    Pidgeotto (lvl 22) 3x
    Mankey (lvl 24) 2x
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