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Originally Posted by Sawakita View Post
Decompression Algorithm [link]
This document written by Tauwasser (both in german and in english) explains the "complex" algorithm that compress in a such efficient way all the in-battle sprites (trainers' and pokemon'). No compressing tool exists, so far, to insert new sprites, so you'd have to compress sprites by hand (I've never seen it done before) or ASM-hack the game engine (already done before).
If you want to see the decompression algorithm in action, rbgfx.c is a C program that rips the front‐ and back‐pics of all 151 Pokémon and converts them to bitmaps. (The code is written badly and is buggy on 64‐bit compilers, though.)
Originally Posted by Sawakita View Post
Gameboy Cribsheet [link]
This well-packed .pdf file is a great fast reference when you have to look for the meaning of a register or anything hardware-related, in few seconds.
As I recall, it has some wrong values for opcodes, so keep that in mind.
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If you want to hack Pokémon RBY or GSC, read, read, and read some more. This has tons of valuable information.

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