Thread: Diamond hack: Pokémon Aqua Sapphire
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Originally Posted by Winter Wonderland View Post
Why has no one commented on this? This is absolutely amazing! I've actually been toying with the idea of a RSE remake on HGSS / DPPT, but you beat me to the punch. :) This is looking great so far, I do hope you keep up the good work. I also hope you make it close enough to be a remake, but different enough to have it's own style of sorts. I'm glad to see the diving of 4th generation ROM hacking. :)
Why thank you. I've been perfecting a script all afternoon. I'm adding it to the thread right now.
Originally Posted by TheDemetrious1 View Post
Looks nice. I'm assuming it's a sapphire remake for the DS?
Yes, it is. It will be very small to begin, until maps can be modified easier.
Originally Posted by Lugiaz Soul View Post
Hmmm. This does look familiar!
Well, I can't wait to release the beta. I plan to start doing the rival's home tomorrow.

UPDATE: I have a near-final mom script, all that is missing is music. Take a look under the Videos section!