Thread: FireRed hack: The Ultimate Black/White Demake!
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Originally Posted by ahsome View Post
B/W remake? Epic :D
I would like to see the 5th gen stuff (cause i don't own B/W )
Only Problem:
I its a B/W Remake, shouldn't it look MORE like it?
More B/W tiles, and this is super!
(BTW, if you got some epic B/W tiles, pls send me them pls. I'll give you credit :D)
Tbh alot of B/W stuff might be able to be put in. Like the epic cutscenes and the 3-D places. Not even with ASM.
But, this hack will be good either way.

And you can't just ask for someone's tiles. You should take the effort to find them if their public. If their private tiles, they weren't made for you. :/