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    Originally Posted by IIMarckus View Post
    If you want to see the decompression algorithm in action, rbgfx.c is a C program that rips the front‐ and back‐pics of all 151 Pokémon and converts them to bitmaps. (The code is written badly and is buggy on 64‐bit compilers, though.)As I recall, it has some wrong values for opcodes, so keep that in mind.
    Thank you, I'll fix the first post.
    Originally Posted by psyxe View Post
    im quite confused. i read through it as well as i could, but... xD i got nothing. would the rbgfx.c be something that could make changing the sprites easier? or is there another way to do it?

    :) ive been researching how to hack red for a while now so this was EXTREMELY helpful info.
    Considering that it's a program that decompress sprites from ROM it's obvious that it doesn't help inserting edited sprites into the ROM. It might help figuring out how the algorithm works. As it has already been said you have some options:
    - compress your sprites by hand;
    - build a compressing tool;
    - ASM hack the game engine so that it allows the support for uncompressed sprites.

    Anyway I've added the source code of the C program written by Ubitux, if it helps.
    And also added my partial disassembly of the decompression routine.

    Check first post for everything.

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