Thread: Diamond hack: Pokémon Aqua Sapphire
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Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
I've already said this in RH Discussions but still what you did is absolutely awesome, Team Fail!
I really hope that by having this, 4th gen hacking expands much more =)
Well thank ya. I do hope more people follow suit. I find scripting a lot easier, because you don't need to write a movement 5 times to have them move 5 spaces. All you need to do is identify the type of movement and direction, which OW to apply it to, and how many times that movement is done:

MoveDownFast 255 7

This one tells OW 255 (Which is your player) to move down 7 steps quickly.
Originally Posted by Wesley FG View Post
A hack of the fourth generation that is very interresante, you showed that the game really is with a high level of creation, like a lot of R / S / E, is very interresante have a set of these, you should work in spriters heroes of R / S / E to switch Lucas / Dawn.
Execellent work!
I do plan to fix sprites, but my spriter doesn't have access to his computer, but I'd love to get started on it sooner rather than later.