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    Everything was just going back and forth from being calm to everyone losing their damn minds, but Shizuka definitely saw in Amelia's eyes that he had made his point and she was going to reveal to him everything he needed to know. The rules of the game had changed, no longer fighting for a championship to claim the grand prize of Self Pride Shizu was now going to be fighting for his life.

    "ItouchedhishandandIsawscenesinsidethegovernmentbuilding. T-there's a body jumper in Fausto," Amelia began splurting out at Shizuka, "He's taken him over, and... " that was when Marisa began screaming. Suddenly Fausto had rushed passed Shizuka and knocked him backwards, the odd thing was that he had made sure to push his hand on Shizuka shoulder while doing so. The last thing Shizuka remembered seeing was him grabbing Amelia, but then everything took a turn for the worse. Shizuka began rubbing his eyes as they became slightly blury, which quickly followed with a searing pain that shot down his entire left said - a pain so strong it caused his left leg to give out and he crashed to the ground. Every pain sensor on Shizu body was now telling him that he was being attacked from within, it felt as if someone as fed him gasoline and then ignited his entire insides. Just as quickly as the pain began though, it vanished and the next thing he knew he heard people screaming more.

    "Ami! Ami, it wasn't real. Wake up, wake up," a tiny voice screeched out of Marisa. Shizuka's eyes readjusted to his surroundings and he saw that Amelia was now also on the ground and Marisa was frantically shaking her. Her Shaking worked and Amelia began to come back down from wherever Fausto had just sent her. Speaking of which, where was Fausto? That was when Shizkua attention was distracted and drawn to Kerin.

    "Marisa, what are you doing?" He was yelling at Marisa for shaking Amelia and moving away from his protection. It was also at this time that he glanced directly at Shizuka, their eyes meeting briefly and each other acknowledging what the angel had done mere minutes ago - in a sense saving his life. Returning his attention back to Amelia, Shizuka saw that she was now staring at something..actually someone. Now turning his head to see were her eyes were locked, Shizuka came upon Fausto's unconcious body and some jacked guy standing over him.

    "That's a body jumper? Definitely wouldn't want that in my body," Shizuka thought to himself. The spiky orange hair was the first thing to be noticed and it clearly made this guy stand out in a crowd. Blood red eyes that burned holes through your skull stared Amelia in the face. Next was the simple fact that he was a large man, who was very well built and in excellent physical shape and he was wearing a black tanktop and cargo pants.

    "I call that, self-defense," stated the mystery man suddenly.

    "Y-you're..." stammered Amelia before being interrupted by our new guest.

    "I know who I am. Your worst f***ing nightmare since the boogy man," he made sure to take his time and glance around the helicopter and look each individual contestant in the eyes. His cat like eyes flashing their dark red and piercing everyone, recording their images for later. That was when he cleared his through and began his small speech.

    "Hello everyone. I'm Natruo, the designer of the 'Population Games'. Now then, anyone else wanting to punch me? What about you, Mr. Lolita lover?" His comment was directed at Kerin, good thing Shizuka had stepped in when he did or this scenario would definitely not be playing out as positive as it still was. "I'll happily make your remaining life in the arena a living Hell in exchange." And just when a normal person would thing the worst was over, it wasn't. Ryuu rejoined the scene.

    "Is that an open invitation," he blatantly and sarcastically stated.
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