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    Originally Posted by grotle_grovyle View Post
    Looks pretty awesome. Both B/W Pokemon and a new plotline? Can't wait to play it when it comes out :D
    Thanks. I plan on removing almost half the kanto pokemon to be replaced with pokemon from r/s/e/d/p/b/w.

    Originally Posted by ahsome View Post
    If you want a scripter ask me, I'm a good scripter that can do things like that
    As long as you don't ask me to make a script like adding the PokeGear or something 0.o
    Just PM me, and we will talk
    Thanks, I will.

    Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
    I'm not sure why, but looking at the tiles it looks like your trying to give a Pokémon Seinna feel. Which is okay after a while.
    But oh well.

    The mapping and scripting looks gooooooooood either way ;D
    I wan't deliberately trying to make it look like Sienna, but my tiles and mapping style are similar to Harry's. And I consider that a good thing. I love Sienna.

    Originally Posted by Wesley FG View Post
    Your maps look very good, I see that the the game will also have the fifth generation of Pokemon, this makes it interresante, quite apart from that everything has harmony, the only one who could give an improved BatleBackGround this is that this very small and round.

    New Idea
    My idea (and please do not copy) is to change what H.M. FLY does. It'll slow the game down a bit, but I think it'll ultimately be more fun. My idea was when you use fly, you go up into the sky, and you can fly around the sky, and Pokemon like Pidove and Swablu appear. And it'll say like "You are approaching Soren Town. Would you like to land?" when you get close to your destination. I even plan on (although this will not be easy for the player) you being able to catch Rayquaza up there.

    However, I don't plan on implementing this anytime soon, as it's not high on my list of priorities, which are:
    1. Allow the player to get a starter.
    2. Script trainers and Gym Leaders.
    3. Add new cave tiles (Kyledove's)

    Let mw know what you think.