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    Originally Posted by Sarcastic Prince View Post
    OK. That's fine by me. So, I've played through your hack,
    and I have a few bugs to report.


    Instead of "it possible", you should make the Hiker say, "it's possible".

    Jack of Hearts appears to block the way and he has no talking script
    after the Fossil event. Maybe you forgot to set a flag there.

    Grammar error. It's "its", not "it's". You need to distinguish the differences between the two words.

    When I walk on that tile again, the Super Nerd tends to walk on the Player.

    Maybe you didn't notice it, but it's "eighth", not "eigth".

    So, overall, it's a pretty nice beta.

    I'll give you a five if it has fewer grammar and spelling errors.
    The first and second "Errors" aren't really errors at all. The way the sentence is put together makes sense grammatically. Changing it to "I never thought it's possible" would make it grammatically incorrect, just saying.

    On topic:
    I really like the seed/plant idea. Does the hole get covered instantly or is there wait time. Also the change from purple to blue [and subsequently blue walls to yellow] in Alyssa's Flower shop is pretty sharp. Not telling you to change it, just giving my opinion.
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