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    Originally Posted by LightningStrike View Post
    New Idea
    My idea (and please do not copy) is to change what H.M. FLY does. It'll slow the game down a bit, but I think it'll ultimately be more fun. My idea was when you use fly, you go up into the sky, and you can fly around the sky, and Pokemon like Pidove and Swablu appear. And it'll say like "You are approaching Soren Town. Would you like to land?" when you get close to your destination. I even plan on (although this will not be easy for the player) you being able to catch Rayquaza up there.

    Let mw know what you think. :)
    That is actually a REALLY cool sounding idea. I'd imagine you'd have to switch what Fly does with Dive. Then make that DIVE accessible on every tile(which I think you can do by changing the behavior byte on Advance Map) And basically just make a HUGE map that pretty much covers every city. But, then set flags that don't allow you to land anywhere you haven't been before. I'm glad you thought this up, 'cause now I really wanna see how this works.

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