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    Originally Posted by Winter Wonderland View Post
    That is actually a REALLY cool sounding idea. I'd imagine you'd have to switch what Fly does with Dive. Then make that DIVE accessible on every tile(which I think you can do by changing the behavior byte on Advance Map) And basically just make a HUGE map that pretty much covers every city. But, then set flags that don't allow you to land anywhere you haven't been before. I'm glad you thought this up, 'cause now I really wanna see how this works.
    Thanks. I'll explain a bit. I'm no ASM maniac (meaning I'm not good at it, but I wish I was), but the best I can figure it out, there are three parts needed to make it work:
    Blue Sky tiles and Cloud tiles (must have Block Is Covered By Hero)

    To tell you when you're above a city and to ask you to land. And to take you to the city that you're landing in.

    Changing H.M. FLY's value and making it take you up to the sky

    Today's News

    Today I resolved to try and have an update every day, and have Beta 1 in 2 weeks. It's more work for me, but you guys are worth it.

    I stayed up until 11:00 last night working on Volt, and therefore I've got some stuff to show you guys. It's mostly Ojel City. Check it out: