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New Idea
My idea (and please do not copy) is to change what H.M. FLY does. It'll slow the game down a bit, but I think it'll ultimately be more fun. My idea was when you use fly, you go up into the sky, and you can fly around the sky, and Pokemon like Pidove and Swablu appear. And it'll say like "You are approaching Soren Town. Would you like to land?" when you get close to your destination. I even plan on (although this will not be easy for the player) you being able to catch Rayquaza up there.
Uhh...what? So nobody else can use this idea because you said? I had this idea ages ago (but decided against it), does that mean you can't use it?

Why would anyone put a signpost where nobody can read the front of it?

Uhh...probably best you went back to the old backgrounds, this looks really bad. :)

And if you do change the battle backgrounds, change all of them.

Story doesn't say much so I can't really comment on that.
Same about the features.

Looks decent, just fix up all of the above.