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    This might be a long one but tell me what you think.

    Part 2

    I really think he is going senile

    Yep it was backed by popular demand and by that I mean one person.

    Well it is a jumping fish

    *Zelda receiving item sound*

    Yes I would now let me think

    I forgot to get the screen of what I named it

    I see what you did there

    Hahahaha I don't know why I find that name funny.

    Everyone say "Hello" to Bay Watch!

    At least he is some what decent.

    I'm not in to that stuff but I don't judge

    Oh then COME AT ME BRO!

    Seriously how much gel do you use?

    Hahahaha That name gets me every time.

    It's expected

    Who told you that?

    I like pit fights.

    Oh so it's not to the death.

    Well that's easy

    Here comes the pain [email protected]#$&!

    Let's do this!

    Hmm? What to use?:\

    So I just spam tackle... I can do that.

    Brute force is always the answer.

    Bay Watch = K.O. Han

    I was poisoned most of the battle and now it shows up but in your face you walking hedgehog.

    Bay Watch aint no slouch.

    Bay Watch has just harness the power of one of the most dangerous forces in the universe!

    I have it on video... and now it is on Youtube so the world can laugh at you.

    No you just suck

    Wait I get money for destroying this douches pride... HELL YEAH!

    I try

    So does that mean drugs are not an option?

    Yeah have fun with that

    God dammit I shower today!

    Hopefully I will never have to see him again.

    Team Chaos roll out.

    I can't decided whether I want to hug it or punch it.

    Fear the bubbles

    Is that the Kanto equivalent of Walmart?

    So Walmart.

    Oh your just advertising.

    Ah free stuff my one true weakness besides doors.

    Must resist urge to jump on it.

    Fear the Bubbles!

    Why do I have an urge to jump on every thing I see?

    Those are ledges I thought that they were just really bad fences.

    How is that scary? Explain it to me.

    Cool Story Bro

    Ah Viridian City the city of... What is it know for?

    Well might as well go get some balls, what could possibly go wrong?

    Hey the politically correct term is Mario's Pad!

    You mean Mr. Professor Oak McNinja the 3rd?

    Do I look like a delivery boy or a character in a RPG?

    It's full of shuriken and katanas

    How do you know I'm not just gonna keep this for myself?


    I have the strangest urge to light it on fire and worship it.:cer_confused:

    Huzza! Free stuff.

    Not shown me walking back to Mario's Pad.

    Wait so Bay Watch is older than I am... He really is a pirate.

    Yeah he likes to jump at me.

    Sure let's go with that.

    Yeah your ninja stuff is here along with your Naruto Box set's.

    Oh you should have told me to be discreet with your custom "Pokeball"


    Oh dear burning shrub not him!:cer_pissed:

    I always thought you like me more than him?

    I will kill him now and succeed you your Ninjaship!

    Wait let me put on my glasses... Oh that's what that is I always thought it was lobster.

    I'm sorry you lost me at data.

    Don't we already have one of those I believe it is called the Internet.

    *Zelda Item get noise*

    Well I'm half way blind so I can see where its coming from.

    With Balls?

    If I have to lasso them so help me god I will set the Jhen Morhan on this country.

    *Zelda Noise*

    So it's Open Season?

    Maybe I should have played baseball.

    I'm Irish so I think I'm good

    Cool Dream Bro.

    Was that before or after you became a ninja.

    Your not to old just look at Joe Hokage

    Oh I see how it is you just wanted me for my youth.

    Well then k thx bai

    Then I'm gonna need the White Chronicle.

    You got this Bro!

    Cool with me.

    When will you shut up?

    Then it's time to pillage and rape.

    That sounds like an invitation to me.

    Not shown Dio Yelling "The World" in a very strange pose before completely disappearing.

    I'm going in James Bond style.

    Yeah the lazy old man/Ninja had me do an Item fetch quest.

    Wait I'm going on an adventure? Since when?

    I don't listen to your little brother also.

    Lets make like a tree and leaf.

    Now that I've got the balls I will stuff you in them.

    Bro fist anyone?

    So that's how it works.

    Well he seems like a Fun Guy.Dammit that was terrible.

    It's to make him Legit.

    What you know it fits.

    look at his nature totally contradicts the Pokedex.

    Really want to jump on him.


    That's just sad.

    Hahaha... What don't judge me.

    The pimp hand don't like no sass.

    Is he turtle enough for you?

    Happy time.

    You work for me now so go build a statue of me.

    I was coming up with blanks so yeah.

    Holy laser turrets Batman he a dragon.

    Let us go... WEST!


    Ah a trickster I know how to deal with your type to the lava pits.

    Because shes got Jungle Beat.

    The F$#@ is that.

    So it is a sadist.

    You know you like it.

    Where in the seven levels of hairy muffin did you come from?

    I refuse

    You don't know that

    Guards please I've played MGS

    Yeah their power level is over... you know what forget it.

    Making some progress.

    Now stall like you have never stalled before.

    You did me proud

    Let's do this Conga rip his leafs off.

    Good try buddy.


    It's Because I'm Irish isn't it.

    That doesn't sound healthy

    Pull a Solid Snake

    He yelled "The World" and disappeared again.

    I will keep Conga for sure but is there anyone else you guys want to see me train?