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    Chapter 2 - Amelia Kunjui - Angel District

    Natruo. The designer of the population games. I stood there for a moment in utter shock. I had not expected him to make an appearance before us. After all, he was high-class. Above us. Our lives were as simple as they came. He felt no emotion killing us all, simply because he thought of us as animals. That was how we were prepared, too. Trained for our day, cleaned and dressed, before going into the slaughter house. I swallowed. This man, for a comparision, was almost like Ryuu. He loved fighting. He loved killing. However, he knew how to hold his temper. He was a cool cucumber, while Ryuu was a heated pepper. Natruo was dependant on physical combat, but he worked it out so his tactics were more... Professional. Sending in a wave of energy into the nervous system, he could attack your body from the inside out. I even heard, he could use these strings of energy to make your heart explode. He was also a body jumper. A person who could turn their body into a certain water-based form (Usually mist) and take over someones body. That was what had happened to Fausto.

    I took in a few light breaths, and composed myself. Everything I had saw and felt, hadn't been real. But that didn't mean he couldn't actually pop my bone out like that. With those muscles, and his powers... He could rip limbs. I had been lucky. I gave Shizuka a worried look. I hadn't paid him any notice, but he seemed to have gotten it alot worse in terms of Natruo. He actually looked to have been in great stress and pain. I wanted to help, but Natruo's gaze was urging me to sit. So I did. Right where he had directed to. Which, just so happened to be beside him. I didn't object to this. He was in charge. He could kill us all without hesitation. We were easily disposable.

    I decided to keep my mouth shut now, like I had from the beginning of the trip. Most likely, Natruo had been here from the very beginning of the helicopter ride. He had been observing us. He wouldn't have been discovered, if it hadn't been for me attempting to give back his ring. He would have heard the rest of what Bernkastel had to say, but she still said quite a bit. I wonder what he thought now? Did he know who was a rebel here? I was a dead girl if he did. No amount of money from my mother could stop him from sending me to the stockades. The gallows. Anywhere for my death. He wasn't infamous for his kindness. He was infamous for his ruthlessness. His towering demeanor. His sharp, spiked personality like that of his hair. He was a God, that was for sure. There weren't many original Gods now, but he was one of them. One of the most powerful people policially, and physically. He also, was intelligent. That was why he was in charge of our killing entertainment. He knew how to add the perfect spice to it. His best year, was probably the fifth. It was a year, where the contestants had been thrown into a rainforest. All the supplies needed for survival, seemed to be there. Pure water, edible food, weapons... Honestly, the participants weren't in any hurry to find eachother. But, within a few days of inactivity, he made an announcement into the arena. That a person would die, if said person didn't kill someone every twelve hours. Then it was a race to kill. People were immediately being hunted and killed in packs, before alliances turned against eachother when there were no more left to hunt. The final three. One angel, and two humans, finally made the discovery. The two humans had been hunting the angel together, when their twelve hours was up. They ended up slaying eachother, when their target was curiously looking on from inside a tree. She hadn't killed a single person in days.

    Thus, Natruo had lied, and made all the other districts a laughing stalk to how easily they had been fooled. That one angel, had been the only one not forced to kill. She saw through the trick, and waited for everyone to kill themselves off. She was almost as smart as Bernkastel, so it was no wonder, the Gods allowed her to live with them. From then on, she had been a world-known scientist and researcher. That was the year, when Natruo came to our district to congradulate us. To shower our people with expensive gifts like they did with each victor's home district. I had been thirteen at the time.

    My father had still been alive. My mother was a little less crazy with beauty, too. I was present whereever Natruo went, inside the government building. I had been curious of him. About the Gods. What kind of people were they? I had always expected them to be eight-foot giants in robes. He had dressed so casually for the occassion, I stuck out in my jewel-dotted pink dress. He teased me a lot. Asking if I was going to work in a candy shop because of how sweet I was. He asked if I was a candy. That was when my dad became angered with him. I didn't know why he was telling Natruo to leave. He just wanted to sleep with me. Wasn't that alright? My bed could fit him... I could get more pillows...

    Once Natruo left to explore our district, my dad explained. Explained that Natruo didn't mean sleep in my bed. He meant touching me. Foddling me. And I had agreed to something that a thirteen-year-old should never experience. I still didn't understand, so I looked up the words he had used. I was horrified by my discoveries. When I next saw Natruo, I asked him why. Why he would want to do those things to me. He answered calmly, that he was going to marry me, and my parents couldn't stop him. My dad tried. And, a few days later, he died of a heartattack. I was sure Natruo had murdered him. And that's how I grew to hate the spike-haired man.

    I pulled myself out of those horrible memories, to find an arm wrapped around my shoulder. Natruo's arm. I froze, and bit my lip to keep from whimpering. I didn't want him to touch me. Never. His strong arm ran around the back of my neck, before slinging over my opposite shoulder. My thoughts began to cry out for help. Anything, to get him away from me. I couldn't move. I was a statue, as his fingers trailed across my collarbone. I released a small, choked sound from my throat. 'Get off! Please!' My mind pleaded. But when I went to move away, he only pulled me closer. He knew I hated this. He knew I hated him. Was this a punishment for hitting him? I'd take a bullet any day if he would just... I looked up at Shizuka, whom was now being flocked by Marisa. If anything, I wanted him to help me out. To see how pale my skin has gotten, and to see the desperation in my face. To see my eyes pleading for him to do something. To ask Natruo to release me. Anything! I would tell Shizuka anything, if he could just get this problem to leave me alone.

    Suddenly, he was speaking up to Ryuu's question. "Hm? Ryuu, was it? How about you stay silent, stay non-violent for now? I don't feel like messing up my clothing, to mess with you now. Wait..." He checks his watch and smirks. "Landing in about half an hour. So, how about tonight? Does that do you fancy, or do you need your beauty sleep~?" He teased. So, I guess he was planning on fighting Ryuu when there weren't any witnesses. Great. Just great.

    Chapter 2 - Marisa Ryunatta - Vampire District

    I gave out a small, helpless whimper as Amelia got to her feet. I knew where this would end up, and I was semi-worried about the result. I watched, as Amelia took her place nervously beside Natruo. His arm, immediately slid over her shoulders, and that's when I looked away, to worry over someone else. Shizuka. I reached out my tiny hand, and placed the fingertips on his shoulder from where he knelt. "Are you okay, sir?" I asked innocently. Of course he wasn't. His left side was practically useless in the pain he was in. I placed my finger on my lower lip in thought, but I hoped he understood this gesture. The gesture not to say anything. To perhaps, keep a secret. I reached down for his left hand, and began leaning back to pull up the giant. He was like, four times bigger than me, so it was pretty impossible for me alone to pull him to his feet. I only used the moment, as I heaved weakly for him to stand, to do my thing. Send a spark of my own energy, to send his nerves in order, and to realize he wasn't being attacked. Because, he was surely going to get a second wave if I didn't do this. Only, it would roll to his right side. Just as I saw his right arm flinch at the pain that Natruo caused, but it was like a little shock. It vanishedd just as quickly, with me holding him like his. When he finally did stand, I beamed. I immediately came back to hide shyly behind Kerin. "Uu. All good." I said, taking Kerin's hand so it engulfed mine. He was nice to have, even if he was a little overprotective. I carefully edged him away, and allowed him to sit back into his seat. Instead of myself taking the seat next to his, I sat directly on his lap; giggling and pulling his arms around me.


    Chapter 2 - Bernkastel Vermillia - Demon District

    I began tuning out of things, the second attention was removed from me, to Amelia and Fausto. I sighed in relief. I hated talking. Explaining. Besides, that whole taking the devices from the helicopter, hadn't been much help, because Natruo had been here the entire time. Either way, I didn't care. My attention was being drawn back to Xavier and Paris. The celebrity had an evil grin across her face, as her hands trailed his arm seductively. I blinked a few time, before walking over and sitting on the other side of him. Paris stopped, almost immediately; grumbling under her breath and pouting. I raised my eyebrows, but only a tad. Since when was Paris so easy to stop with her touchy-feelly-ness? Whatever, it wasn't my business, and it wasn't my concern. Instinctively, I reached down and picked up the rose which had avoided being trampled on. I gave it a delicate sniff. Hm.

    Casually, I brushed my elbow against Xavier's arm as I adjusted myself into my seat. Looks like he didn't know how to put up a mental sheild. Which, was good for me. I leaned forward, and with two of my fingers, brushed the blood off his forehead. I showed the fingers to him, and gave him a blank look. If he could read my eyes, they were questioning. They asked, 'Why are you bleeding?'. Because, truth be told, I had not seen what had happened. With another touch of his wrist, I opened myself into his thoughts. Thoughts that consisted of how loud everyone was in general. I gave a short nod, as if to say, 'It'll be quiet soon'. Because, it was quieting down. The alarm from Natruo's appearance, was beginning to calm. Natruo didn't induce battle with Ryuu, so it looked like everything else was going to be quiet. Small chatter, at most. Pewita, Fang, Paris, Nokoto, and Shiro had been silent for almost the entire ride. Thus, we were going to enter a calm period now.
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