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    I'm going to go ahead and have to agree with Fireworks. If you're gonna change the battlegrounds it's a good idea to change all of them, not just the grass. Speaking of the grass battleground I assume you're using that one Rombase from the Rom Hacking Resource thread and that's the reason that only the tall grass has altered battlegrounds. It's a good idea to either learn how to import others or find someone who can insert them well cause to be honest the current battleground is far from impressive. Just imaging what would happen in the case of a double battle. One of the Pokemon would be falling right off the platform.
    On the topic of tiles they look good, but they remind me too much of Sienna. Even the mountain palettes bare too much of a resemblance to Harry's. This is just my opinion.
    The maps [namely the lab?/place with computers] seem empty. It'd be a good idea to either make them smaller or fill them up some more.

    Also one more thing: the Fly idea, as good as it sounds on paper, seems a bit over-ambitious. Especially since the reality of it is that you probably don't even know where to begin implement an idea like that. Heck, a vast majority of hackers here [including myself] wouldn't know where to begin with that. Either way good luck on this.
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