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    Xavier's eyes began blinking at an abnormal rate as soon as Paris's expression shifted, and her hands began trailing along his arms. He said she could do anything, but exactly was she planning to do-wait. She stopped. Why had she stopped? Xavier heard a long sniffing noise next to him, and his head turned to view the source of the noise. Bernkastel. Why did she move from her seat? Wasn't she explaining all the stuff to the competitors-Oh yeah. The game designer was here, so most of everyone became quiet -or quieter- at his appearance. Praise the lord for that.

    "........." Xavier's head turned from Bernkastel, as he closed his eyes in pure content. Finally. People weren't talking, with small speak at the most. Xavier could deal with that, just not all the insanity of what had happened moments before.

    "!!!" Xavier's shielded eyes opened wide, as he felt Bernkastel's hands wipe the blood away from his forehead. Wh-why was she...? Xavier could feel a strange heat rush into his cheeks, as a light pink color brushed onto them. His bewildered gaze shifted from the ceiling, and over into her own questioning eyes. Xavier could read the blank look immediately. 'Why are you bleeding?' Had she not heard what happened? Tch. That proves how loud everyone was being if she couldn't hear him banging his head on the wall! Seriously! Xavier nodded his head at the wall past her, blankly. It was directly at the small dent made above hers. "....!!" She touched his wrist softly, and his cheeks deepened into a deeper pink.
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