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Ryuu's full attention was towards the one known as Natruo. As for everything else that happened around, Ryuu cared not. He never broke his gaze from Natruo. Ryuu was painting a target on him.

"Hm? Ryuu, was it? How about you stay silent, stay non-violent for now? I don't feel like messing up my clothing, to mess with you now. Wait..."

Ryuu felt like laughing a bit at the first part of the comment. Ryuu had been violent his whole teenage life, even before that as well. He had never known non-violence. It was like asking a fish to live above the water for a week. Natruo checked his watch as he thought to himself, smirking.

"Landing in about half an hour. So, how about tonight? Does that do you fancy, or do you need your beauty sleep~?"

Ryuu felt his blood pump through his body. The toughest opponents he had faced was demons. He wondered what a god would be like fighting. He knew they would be even tougher. Ryuu hadn't felt this excited in a long time. He even felt a pinch of fear in him. Not fear of death, or fear of Natruo, but the fear of uncertainty.

"I thought you'd never ask", Ryuu replied, "Just say where and I'll be there. Best make the necessary preparations with your family. You might not see them again."

Ryuu grinned eagerly. A thought then occurred to him. He didn't know much about the gods and wondered if they even had a traditional family. Come to think of it, he had no knowledge of the humans, vampires, and angels' way of life. Of course, he didn't really care, but still, he was curious of what they went through in their own daily lives. But not as much as he cared to kill them.

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