Thread: Development: The 4th gen class split in 3rd gen
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The "STAB move"-error does not occur in VBA (though you might already know this) and I tested whether Confusion was regarded physical or not by editing with YAPE (too lazy to check hex) and Squirtle almost OHKOd Bulbasaur with Confusion, with ~5 Attack and ~30 Sp. Atk, therefore I would think Confusion is indeed Special.

I only applied the patch posted by Ivee, so perhaps you applying both patches messed something up.

The freeze with Minun does occur however, but I can deal with that since Minun is kinda redundant... I am not experienced by any means, but I will check some stuff in Hex and see if I can find any obvious things that cause this.


Further tests: Pure Power seems to not have an effect at all.
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