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    Originally Posted by psyxe View Post
    lol exactly! doesnt matter if there isnt a single person supporting.... if the person is making what they what, then the hack/game is a success.
    Originally Posted by Orangturttle View Post
    That is probably the best way to put it!
    Mustafa I am supporting this 100% Good work! And Good luck!
    Originally Posted by psyxe View Post
    i can understand listening to the public, but when the public's opinion DIRECTLY contradicts the entire point of the game....

    its like going somewhere fancy and saying you want steak, and they recommend the chicken. i dont care how much you like the chicken, i want my freaking steak. :D

    all this talk of food is making me hungry
    Originally Posted by Rai Rai View Post
    Yeah I agree with you there. It's up to what the owner of the game wants it to be. But at the same time they do need to listen to the public XD, as they are showcasing the game to everyone even if some of the comments do tend to be annoying. That's what game dev is about. Be told critique of what the game could improve and listening to it. By the way this isn't a hack.
    thx really now i really know someone who supports me makes me feel lot better thx alot .
    i have a bad news my pc got format because of startup repair and all files got deleted (including the project) but thx god i posted all my progress on internet *phew* now i have to import them again.
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