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    Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
    This is not true. After catching/defeating Senex, you still have to go and speak to Landon and May about your past. Then the game is finished - and that really is the end of the main storyline.

    After that, you may try and find where Luca Zamón went to rest after you defeated it, where the Trick Master went after you released him from the Necropolis, and where the manliest hero of all is waiting for you. And so forth and suchlike.

    By the way, there's an update coming later today. It contains Téa Barqán, the Trick Master's new house, and a certain epic battle.
    Any hints on the location of either 3? Oh and, sadly, you did fail to remove the Deadly 7 from Lilycove department store in the new .ips
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