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    Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
    I'm not using Archeops cos it has the WORST EVER ABILITY.

    Defeatist cuts Archeops' offensive power if it takes too many hits.

    Nice design but hate it.

    You can't exactly say you hate it because of its ability when you haven't even used it yet.

    Archeops is awesome. It doesn't have great HP so like what Snorelacks said, its ability isn't going to be a pain because it probably won't activate. I used one on my White. It was sent in, destroyed everything, then got knocked out. Way better than Unfezant, who could barely give out any damage. I used it on my Black version and it was not very good.

    Archeops over Unfezant.

    My brother also used Sigilyph and it worked great for him. I haven't used Swoobat so I can't offer you any advice with him.

    But seriously? Archeops over Unfezant.