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    Chapter 2 - Marisa Ryunatta - Vampire District

    I swiveled my body around, to face the boy with curiousity. What did he mean? There were plenty of things he couldn't possibly understand. To even comprehend. I cocked my head towards my shoulder with a questioning look. "Mew?" I shoved my hand into the pocket of my dress. This dress, with the ruffled sleeves and little flower designs, used to belong to my mother. Well, before she abandoned me. I loved my mother, but she had... Problems with her brain. It didn't work right. Just like my father's brain. She had hysteria, while he came a monster bent that everything wanted to kill him. Sometimes, i would hear him yelling to himself inside the study. Accussing a someone who wasn't there, to stop hurting his wife and daughter, when really, it was him. Him beating us with fists and him locking us away. He would always come to his senses and act worried, but both of us knew the truth. He was a complete madman. One day, he stole my mother away in the night, and they never returned home. A few days later, i learned that the barrier surrounding our district had been cut off for a brief moment. That was when a group of twelve vampires, fled. I heard that they caught and killed ten of them. The other two, were deep in the Human District before they were shot.

    I had been abandoned, so with nowhere else to go, i turned to the orphanage. I always hated that place. The terrified visions i got from the children... Were real. They were beaten if they did something wrong, and they never left the grounds. All home-schooled.

    With my meager belongings, i pretended to fit in among them. Most of them were bruised, pale, and bandaged. Some were completely insane. A small group of kids, were the example of perfect health. Well-fed, glossy hair, and high grades. This group was known as the "Pretties". They were treated better than everyone else, simply because they could hold a smile on those perfect, pink lips.

    That their eye color was just the right shade of hue. That they knew manners like the back of their hand.

    That was how they avoided beatings. By being perfect. They didn't even have to be old. They could be as young as six, to be pampered with the best rooms. The best food. Everyone else, was slated with only three meals. They weren't even big. Enough food for these child slaves to work. One time i saw a little boy sitting in the hallway. He was blocking my way, so i nudge him.

    He fell over dead, with a bottle of kitchen cleaner in his grip. It horrified me that a boy so young, had killed himself. I couldn't have possibly understood his situation, because i wasn't like him. I was a pretty.

    I pulled the contents of my pocket into my palm, and held them out into my view. A few blood capsules... Elastics... And several little discs of metal. Hardly the size of my pinkie's nail, i picked two out, before shoving my hand back into my pocket. I held one out on my finger for Kerin to see. Just a tiny disc with a sticky backing. I reached out, and placed it behind his ear. His hair obstructed it from view, too. I did the same to the back of my left ear, and smiled happily.

    'Uuu! There! Br--Kerin, now we can have a...A...Private convo!' I thought. Only, it was no longer a private thought. It was spoken as clear as day, right into Kerin's head. It worked both ways, too.


    Chapter 2 - Bernkastel Vermillia - Demon District

    I saw Paris glare at me from the other side of Xavier, but I only shrugged in return. If she really thought she could scare me off thgat easily, she had another thing coming. Smoothing Xavier's wrist with my index finger in a calming motion, i planted my other hand on my hat. Normally, i would keep my witch hat low enough to hide faces from my view. So people couldn't see my eyes shift red. I lifted my hat up ever so slightly, to watch Natruo. He was getting real comfortable with Amelia. A little too comfortable to my tastes. But i didn't intervene like many were probably thinking. I just sat in silence like when i first got onto the helicopter. Only now, I took in my own silence, to study Natruo. Twice i had seen him previous to now. Both occassions, after my participation in the Population Games. So, my question was why he was accompanying us now? Maybe because of Amelia, but that still didn't make quite enough sense. I thought this through, right until Raike disrupted Ryuu's decision to fight Natruo. I immediately disagreed with this outburst.

    "Raike," I said, fixating my eyes onto him. I didn't realize they were still a bloody red. "It's his decision. I would rather you not..Express your opinion."

    The second i was done addressing the human, i lowered my vision to the floor. I could feel a sort of slithering sensation in my left arm. That just happened to be the one closest to Xavier. Hence the 'slithering', i glanced to find myself looking into the beady eyes of my snake tattoo. This snake, wasn't any known species on Earth, so i didn't have a name to call it in front of everyone. Lucifier, was the name i privately used. It's skin was a canvas of star-shaped holes, which were the windows to my real skin. The rest of the snake, was black. I watched with mild interest, as it's head slid down right to my hand. It was looking at Xavier's hand now, like a target.

    Just when it looked like it was going to slither right off my skin, I used my other hand to cup around it's head. Immediately, the rest of it's long body began thrashing around on my skin like a real snake. It's tail was up to my shoulder. I took my left hand off of Xavier's wrist, and placed it on my lap. "....." A light hissing sound was beginning to emit from my arm. But, you'd have to be rather close to hear it. Well, and it would have to be quiet.


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