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    Originally Posted by pokemonpokemonpokemon59 View Post
    Maybe make your own sprites instead of recoloring them?
    I do make my own sprites. I made almost all of them myself, and a couple were made by the Rkyeet.

    Now, if you're making this comment based on the Dragon in the screenshot, then that's a joke. The thing is, Charizard is just a dragon with a flame on its tail. Therefore, I simply recoloured a Charizard - really badly for emphasis - to force people to think about it.

    There are no other recolours in the game.

    Originally Posted by Avian_321 View Post
    The certain epic battle is annoying to find, trick masters are annoying D:! And if Tea Barqan is ANYTHING as annoying to catch as Luca (Still haven't caught it. I ran out of 59 ultra balls with it at 1 hp.. twice..)
    Yes, I had trouble with both of them. Especially Téa Barqán.

    Originally Posted by Varelse View Post
    Any hints on the location of either 3? Oh and, sadly, you did fail to remove the Deadly 7 from Lilycove department store in the new .ips
    I didn't try to remove them. It was the invisible Deadly Seven in Lilycove I was trying to get rid of.

    Anyway, Téa Barqán, being the legendary Pokémon of peace, won't reappear until the story is finished and Senex and Luca Zamón are gone. I won't say where he appears, but it's a high place.

    The Trick Master's new house is somewhere that was inaccessible early on in the game, but it isn't worth going there without a certain item.

    And the epic battle should be relatively easy to find. It only happens after Luca Zamón is defeated, though.

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