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    "Oh, sorry Bern, I forgot we don't have freedom of speech anymore...tch"

    -He had seen her blood red eyes staring into his, but he wasn't intimidated by them, or her. It was just that there was no point in trying to hold Ryuu back, and frankly, Raike wondered why he had even cared to say something in the first place. He scowled, and leaned back in his seat, closing his eyes and crossing his arms once more. His breathing became more controlled, as if he was sleeping. In his mind, he began to think of a way to escape the game.

    He had a feeling the fields closest to the walls of the arena were littered with mines and other deterents. The forests were probably even worse, who knew what could be hiding in there. How did the gods get their power, or did they have any weakness at all? These questions began to frustrate Raike, the more he contemplated them. Another question popped into his head, "How would he survive?" He sighed, knowing he would probably have to use all of his wit to get through this one.-
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