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    Originally Posted by LaureTheLoner View Post
    The encounter rate thing is kinda new, but I remember a guy starting a thread where he wanted the challenge to be all the Pokemon on your team must be from an event or a gift, and he was pretty much shot down by everyone because everyone who'd compete would almost have the same team :o

    I really wanna have a challenge where the people playing are against each other and it's a race to be in first place and if you accomplish certain things you get to trade and steal party members from your competitiors and such

    but I just can't think it through
    I tried to make something like that. Here's how it worked.

    Actually, it was almost exactly the same as the Challenge Royale that we're doing. But there were no teams, it was sort of like competitive battling i think (I've never done that). You just sort of say "hey you, lets race" and then you race and then everyone is happy but the loser because he lost and isn't happy.
    Originally Posted by Alternative View Post
    That would actually be quite difficult to pull off, since not everyone uses the actual cartridges to do challenges, and not everyone has wifi either. I mean I do, but you have to think about everyone else, not just yourself.

    Actually, now that I think about it, I remember a challenge back maybe in 2009 or something for Emerald I think, where people would play one cartridge and pass it around to every person to do certain parts. In this example though one person would start a game, and you would have so many people and they would go through every section. So maybe one person could go from the beginning to get the badge in Rustboro City, and they would hand over the file so they can play the game until they get the Dewford badge. You could make it a Nuzlocke or anything like that. :3
    Yeah, that was really cool. I've thought about doing a team challenge like that, to where you have like 4 people on each team.