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    Originally Posted by pokecole View Post
    I'm thinking about writing fanfic but i don't know how you would make it or post and whatnot. These rules seem to go in one ear and out the other. Could i get an example of how i start it?
    Everyone's nervous their first time. =)
    If you want a step-by-step, first you'll want to actually write the story, that's a given, on a word processor. This'll help with preliminary spellchecking and grammar, and you can save and come back later. Once you've done that, make sure that the story is readable, as in that here're not too many obvious grammatical mistakes that you can pick out at a glance. Next, step away from the computer and take a break --maybe even half a day. Then, come back and revise it. A common mistake is to proofread and revise in the heat of the moment or when you're tired right after finishing. What you want is to come back later and be able to review your own work critically and say, "Yes, this is up to my standard. I want to post this." If you do it straight away, your prior excitement will lead to bias and you thinking that this is the best piece of work you've ever written. Obviously you won't create a masterpiece on your first try, unless you're Robert A. Heinlein of course (Haven't read his yet, but Asimov recommends him), so revise, revise, revise!

    Anyway, once you're done revising, and for the best quality work you'll be doing this a lot, then you can post it. To do this, simply click on the new thread button, choose a prefix and a title, and copy and paste the fic from a word processing program. Now here're some important warnings. Do not format the body of the text with vibrant colours and or decorative fonts, do not change the text size, and do not align the text to the middle or right --always left-align. This makes your fic readable and doesn't make your readers want to gouge their eyes out. Next, and this is another important bit, double space your lines. For some reason, Vbulletin forums don't understand the concept of pressing the enter key once, and so normal text from a word processor often lose their line breaks.

    Finally, click post and wait for a review. The F&W is a bit dead in terms of reviews at the moment (because of the contest), but it'll liven up in a while, hopefully.

    Hope this helps and don't be nervous. We're here to help. =)

    EDIT: Damnit, Marcin. xD Ninja'd.
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