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Originally Posted by MattII View Post
I'm a relative newbie at this sort of thing, and am struggling to understand all the movement types. Things like 0, 1, 4, 10, C and D are easy enough to understand (except where a few D tiles are in the middle of a bunch of 1 tiles), but I'm getting rather a lot of 5s and not a few 14s, and even a couple of 11s here and there. Do those actually mean anything? Also, bridges are 3C tiles over land, is there a different code for when they're over water?
The game uses some weird movement permissions sometimes. The only ones you really need are 0, 1, 4, C, and 3C for bridges (and possibly 14 if you're creating multiple levels). I'm guessing the programmers used some development tool to make the maps which somehow creates weird movement permission data. And in response to the bridge question, you can use 3C for bridges over water and land.

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