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    Originally Posted by JPAN View Post
    Not sure if it's this, but in the same way we disable the capture, we can disable the item usage. Before the bag is open, a rather large function that deals with input from the Fight-Bag-Party-run box eventually reaches a check for the item-denying battles. At 080143D4, that check starts, and when successful, continues to 0x080143E0, that loads the script to execute. Placing a bypass there, we get a code amost identical to the one for the capture prevention. The code and compiled address version are included in the attachment. Right now, it's loading from 0x020370c0 (var 8004 address), so change it and compile it as you need it.
    Crashes when the bag is selected. It works if i put 0x080143d9 as the pointer (but obviously this is permanent).

    Also, while it's useful to have only items disabled (eg: wild battle) the other things (no experience gained, no switch prompt after ko) are activated if 0x02022B4D is 0x1, so you could integrate these other routines if the variable has an another value.
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