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    Originally Posted by Sarcastic Prince View Post
    Nice alpha. However, I have a few bugs to report.


    Glitched text.

    "Assistant" is spelt wrong.

    "Also" is spelt wrong.

    After Chrono, there is one extra ":".

    The text went out of the box.

    You should press spacebar after ":".

    Grammar error. You should type, "There are ghosts" instead of "There are ghost".

    It should be "grandmother's" instead of "grandmothers".

    Glitched text.

    "Might I trouble you for a battle" should a question instead of a sentence.

    The lady and the picknicker have no script. (I checked them on A-Map, and their script offsets are $000000.)

    After the conversation, Ariel disappears in thin air without walking to the exit first.

    Talking to this person will cause the hack to freeze.

    It's "Potion", not "Potiopn".

    The text went out of the box.


    Not good, not bad. I'll give you a higher rating if you had fewer grammar/spelling errors and bugs.
    Wow, you've got a keen eye. You'd make a great beta tester. Thanks for pointing those errors out. All of them are fixed now.

    Like I said last week I'm on vacation! But if you remember correctly I said that progress would not stop and I'm proud to announce that I've been true to my word! This is one of the biggest updates so far [with the total 12 screenshots] so I'll hop right into it.

    Above you see one of my favorite features. The Pokennect! [I told you it was functional] As you can see I've scrapped the whole "Check Mystery Gift" option on the Pokennect and decided to go with "Radio" instead. The Radio station is located in Fiesta Town [the center point of Zinnos] which means you'll get service any and everywhere in Zinnos. Even on the the three Mystery Gift only islands [Scrap, Golem, & Noel]. There are four radio stations. I'll explain them each in the spoiler below. If you don't care skip the spoiler!


    PokeMarch: Zinnos - Hosted by Dj Autumn, PokeMarch: Zinnos plays songs that any Trainer could march to. They're upbeat, jaunty tracks such as the Route 1 theme. This station cycles through 9 different songs.

    Soothing Sounds - Hosted by Dj Nocturnal, Soothing Sounds plays smooth, soft songs. It's almost the polar opposite of PokeMarch: Zinnos and plays songs like the SS Anne theme. This station cycles through 5 different songs and is my personal favorite station.

    Scenes! - Hosted by the Scenes Team, Scenes! plays town/city music. It's pretty basic really but a nice station to listen to if you don't like a city's default theme. This station cycles through 12 different songs.

    Variety Show - Hosted by Crazy Curtis and Lovely Ciara, The Variety Show plays any and every song. It may repeat songs played by other stations but will also play songs unique to that particular station, such as the Water Labrynth theme. This is Zinnos largest station and plays 16 different songs.

    The song that plays on each station is chosen at random so it is entirely possible that a station will play the same song twice in a row. It's also possible that a station may play the exact same song that you are currently listening to. I may or may not put into place some checks that will solve this minor issue. On to the next point:

    These are screenshots from Ruby Lake, the route that follows Emerald Town. These screenshots are mainly here to show that I've already begun progressing pass Emerald Town and, subsequently, the first Alpha. There is a Fisherman who gives you an Old Rod and explains diving to you. In Shattered Dreams, Diving will be done similarly to RSE. First things first though, you can only dive from the center point of the dark water. Don't ask me why, it's just cleaner than allowing you to dive from any point in the dark water. Underatwer you will use your Surf sprite. Just like in RSE, under water everything is blue. Also, like RSE, there is seaweed growing underwater that house wild Pokemon. I've done the best I can emulating the Dive feature from RSE. Due to not having Surf yet, you will not be able to Dive underwater in the first Beta, however the Dive system is already incorporated and will be present in future releases. Now for Part 3 of this update:

    These are screenshots from Beacon City and Beacon City Gym. Beacon City is analogous to Mirroredge City from the original Pokemon Requiem. It just looks WAY better [credit to WesleyFG for the street tiles] this time around. The police station has been erradicated in favor of the EctoTeam HQ. This means you'll be able to play the minigame Who You Gonna Call? that I announced back in April. Also Beacon Tower [also found in the orignal Pokemon Requiem] makes a reappearance. This time however it is not under seige by Team Rocket nor is it a Trainer Tower. It's a business, similar to Silph Co. and Devon Corp. The Beacon Company focuses on making items that help Trainers. They are the creators of the Pokennect. That said, Beacon Tower is where you'll get your Pokennect.

    I hope you all enjoyed this update. In my opinion it's been long overdue. As I've maintained for the last few weeks, I don't have a specific release date in mind for Beta 1 but I think it's only going to cover 3/8 Gyms. Also regarding the Pokennect. I'm debating on whether or not I should add a "Phone" feature. It would run similarly to the Phone Booths from Shiny Gold and Flora Sky. The only reason I'm not too gung-ho about it is because it would truly serve no major purpose. Trainer Rematches are already in the game so I don't know what I'd use the Phone for. Eh, we'll see about that. Also after running the World Map App, the Radio will shut off. Don't ask why, it just will.
    The next update will come in about a week and a half [or so] and will showcase Shell Harbor City and Stargate Cave [which is the location of the first Rocket Event].

    The return of Pokemon Shattered Dreams! Click the screenshot to visit the thread, you know you want to.