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Can I do more than one? Or not? Also, the earlier Gens go WAY faster on emulator than the later ones, so that needs to be taken into consideration IMO. Are we doing game time or real time?
Just depends on who signs up for what, though. We're taking it all into account. Not everyone wants to play the old games, so yeah. Plus, it's not like someone doing a monotype on Red will be pitted against someone doing one on Black. That's the purpose of the sign up, so that you can be placed on a team accordingly and pitted against someone on the opposite team doing the same challenge on the same game. And it's game time. You'll need to PM me a screenshot of your game time after beating the E4 in your game.

I'll do both if I can, but either one is fine. I've never done the Nuzlocke, though. And HeartGold is preferred for the Nuzlocke, Sapphire for the Solo.
You shouldn't be doing more than one. Like I said, depends on who signs up for what, and that'll depend on who you go against and what team you're on. So you'll only be doing on challenge, and that'll be decided by the EOs, when we have all sign ups and can piece the teams together. We'll be assigning ourselves after everyone else has been assigned, so that in case someone has signed up for something no one else might have signed up for, one of use will be on the opposite team of that person and play against them.

I hope this makes sense. lol :( It'll be better when all the sign ups and in and the teams are posted tomorrow, I promise.

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