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    Originally Posted by pokewalker View Post
    Well I just got up to 1550 Taillow eggs (I know) and I'm getting sick of this hunt, but I'm not giving up ever because who searches, will find! And it is my favorite pokémon & shiny.
    That's just a hundred eggs behind my Litwick hunt. I hope you have better luck than I have had. My secondary hunt for Axew is currently at 152 eggs. I've hatched close to 2,400 eggs using the Masuda Method so far. I hope I get my first MM shiny soon.

    I'm surprised that the first shiny for the current contest hasn't been found yet, especially with how quickly they were found during the last contest. I haven't found a shiny Frillish yet on my route. I wished the shiny version of the female Frillish was a different color instead of just a darker pink. I have to be extra careful that I don't run away from a shiny one. The shiny version of male Frillish are green instead of blue, so a male shiny would be more noticeable.

    Congrats to any new shinies that I may of missed, and welcome to any new members that I may of missed.
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