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    Originally Posted by Alternative View Post
    I really can't be bothered doing any huge challenges like that right now tbh. I gotta find everything, and then get an emulator and get the proper games etc to use and I can do a challenge.

    But as you know me, I came up with another challenge, again. I would call it the Ability Precipice/Threshold/Uhh... Brink challenge. Pretty much you choose however many abilities as you want in the game and you have to use Pokemon which fit the description of those abilities, so they don't have to necessarily have the abilities themselves. For instance, you could use the Sturdy, which would be that your Pokemon must be able to learn 2 One-hit KO moves via level and must know at least one of them. Or something like Illuminate would be that you have to use a Pokemon which can learn Flash.
    I know I've already said this

    but the perfect, but yet, simple, challenge for Alternative to partake in:

    Rainbow Road ~ Contributed by Alternative
    Monocolor is always fun, but how about a nice array? Only catch is one per color and in order.

    Rules: In this challenge you must have a team of 6 Pokemon, and each 1 must be a different color to represent all 6 colors of the rainbow. (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple). The must also be caught in order. You must have your red Pokemon by the 2nd gym, (if your starter isn't red you may use it for help up to the 2nd gym. Even if it meets the future color criteria you may not use it again as it isn't a catchable Pokemon). You must have 3 pokemon by the 4th badge, and 6 by the 7th. NFEs are allowed, and no legends. ALSO all 6 pokemon on your team must be caught with a different pokeball, so no 2 pokemon on your team can live in the same ball (unless you're playing R/B/Y or FR/LG for you may use 2 pokeballs, 2 great balls, 1 ultra ball, 1 masterball).

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