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    i dont like the new screens, keep the traditional diamond and pearl view, no need for this black and white c**p
    I agree with Tommzy I like the old screens better The black and white c**p doesn't go with it. My Opinion Hoped it helped.
    actually i can only stress what my two forewriters said..

    i was soo damn into this remake, but the new looks... idk, but i really dont like it. i dont even know if i wanted to play it now.

    please return to what it was. it was a million times better!
    Originally Posted by DJClass View Post
    I've been following your project for a long time, and only now do I see it here? What's up with that?

    Anyways, if you guys would like some English localization help, I'm not the best French speaker, but I can fix any grammar issues and spelling errors, and other things of the sort. And I agree with -BaKa-, the old style did have its own flair that I'll miss.
    Aww... The new screens seem kinda... Crappy no offense. I was really liking the classic 4th gen format. But anyways, good luck with the project!

    P.S. Your front page introduction post looks kinda messed up, either that, or my browser has a few issues.
    OK i go back to my old style!!!
    but with the new features likes seasons.
    im busy with a new screen of mauville