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Originally Posted by R.K 9 View Post
I've decided to create a signature to display all my latest shinies. it's a little basic, but oh well, it'll do.
next up, I'm going to try my first soft reset method, and try and get a shiny totodile on emerald. I think I've almost finished the hoenn dex on it anyway, so I'll get started just as soon as I do.

I like your signature! :D

R.K 9 updating his signature made me want to do it too, so I did. :3 If you hover over the color tabs at the top, you can see what each color means.

My next hunt will be Mewtwo. :3 Saved in front of him now, I have a Scizor with False Swipe and a high level Blissey so I can catch him easily (compared to normally).
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