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    Originally Posted by Landorus View Post
    I like your signature! :D

    R.K 9 updating his signature made me want to do it too, so I did. :3 If you hover over the color tabs at the top, you can see what each color means.

    My next hunt will be Mewtwo. :3 Saved in front of him now, I have a Scizor with False Swipe and a high level Blissey so I can catch him easily (compared to normally).
    thanks, although yours looks neater than mine. good luck with mewtwo!

    Originally Posted by 2Cool4Mewtwo View Post
    Now 20000 REs without a shiny! Hurray!!!

    I'm going to take a bit of break from all this. I've been grinding too much >.> BTW where can you get those signatures where it lists all of your shinies and methods you used to get them?

    I made mine myself, and it didn't take too long to scratch up.
    hope you find your shiny eventually!

    I've completed the pokedex on emerald, so it's about time to start soft resetting for my shiny totodile. wish me luck. :D
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