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    Salac Berry is for making fast sweeps. It's just for the sweeping Pokemon switching in after Memento. I'm not sure if this is an effective strategy or not...

    I really don't want to drop Choice Scarf on Jirachi.
    Wish can be used well for healing teammates, so you switch on the next turn to heal anyway. It's just fast team support at no cost (again, because you're switching out). Of course, Arena Trap poses a problem...

    I was thinking the same thing about Dragon Dance; Breloom isn't that much of a threat to me anyway.

    I do like the nice coverage that ThunderPunch provides, and again, I don't really have the resources for Earthquake...

    I prefer not to have two Dragon-Type attacks on Dialga... perhaps this?:

    Fire Blast
    Dragon Pulse
    Aura Sphere

    Does that work?

    Thank you very much. I think I will definitely change Uxie...