Thread: Development: The 4th gen class split in 3rd gen
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    Oh wow, I derped up hard in my previous comment.

    If the Japanese hackers figured out how to implement this so far in advance of us, I doubt they'd put up with just working around really dumb problems like what we're having. Probably we just need to find the code where the info for those abilities is accessed in our game and in those games, and perhaps the information for STAB bonus as well, see that, oh, wow, it's different from the original code, and change it ourselves. I doubt it'll take more than a bit of trial-and-error from there to get a fully working patch.

    With that said, I guess we should kind of try to figure out what has actually been done here, in ASM. Just maybe later. To paraphrase Bacon, science should be done in pursuit of practicality.

    Originally Posted by Gamer2020
    Can someone put up the Japanese patch? I don't feel like doing the changes to BPRJ manually just to look into this.
    Hang on, I'll make a patch and edit my post.

    Sorry, I'm still getting the hang of using Linux again.
    I did the patch on BPRE 1.0 so that anybody else interested doesn't need to find BPRJ.
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